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NC keeps discouraging variable character players in account.

[1]. NC keeps discouraging variable character players in account.
1)Daily restrictions for instance auction house revenue are bound to be able to account not charachter. You cant email items/blade and soul gold for the other charachter about different server party. (Whats the explanation for this? When almost all servers Na and also Eu share identical Auction House, identical prices. So we all cant exploit simply by buying cheaper items on other serv next mailing them back/selling regarding higherprice)
2)This completely new event thing.. There is certainly restriction on account(not necessarily Character) regarding claiming those hongmoon items that are required regarding opening bags…
-Considering those two currently main issues about [1]. Difficulty i often question myself a issue why have my partner and i purchaged 5 persona slots? i’v payed to be in disadvantage when i really could have just produced different account.
Riders of Icarus Gold
[2]. New Characters/Players/ come in huge disadvantage coz its p2w or perhaps be old payer to be able to win.
1)In buy to earn bns gold/Gear u must farm ssp and also mindlessly grind complete day. Wich is difficult coz u will need gear to actualy package enough dmg to have drop or PP from your Mob/Or finish everyday. Coz there are usually 25 Baleful fellas burning n shredding them inside of secconds. And 2nd solution to get gear is performing dungeons /4man dungeons -For which usually ofc u will need gear… 3rd solution to get gear could be Doing dailys regarding 12 hours per day for 2-3 weeks (GL your)/Or just have got RNG gods about ur side.
In addition, you need gear for Battleground which can be PvP(Say just what? atleast give us all PvP gear that will only be received through PvP when its not gona become Equilised), So now to acquire any fun i would like GEAR -to get gear i must brainwash myself in get cancer carrying out same boring products over n above for 2-3 months or perhaps P2w (Exept old players that have been there on relese regarding new patch and also got gear coz it absolutely was ez to package enough dmg). Or should i recently play arenas whole day and acquire none reward from the jawhorse whatsoever. not blade & heart and soul gold / or perhaps gear unlike previous patch where fastest solution to get blade and also soul gold has been playing arenas, plus it was fun.

[3]. Crawlers!
Eather bns goldfarming companys are usually paying fee for the Nc to retain their work proceeding. Or Nc doesnt attention coz their funds milking isnt suffering from it. However Participants ARE! being afflicted with it, And tremendously. They dictate rates on AH. We all cant earn coming from our proffesions with all(this sparks problem [1]. coz whats the purpose of multi char? )#)coz you can find thousands (litteraly) regarding bots making requests from every proffesion guild and also minimizing earn, Selling those items are certain to get u like 20 -50 silver around 1 -2 knife & soul golds wich is funny due to the fact u were w8ing because of it 24hours. Theyr signing up for Factions and creating one in significant disadvantage. Whole patch is targeted around BNS Gold/Gear to own fun and people are focused about Daily restrictions about account (Causing problem [1]. and also [2]. )#) and daily rng or perhaps general mindless grinding(together with gear ofc) Coming from wich only CRAWLERS prospect. AND a whole lot!!! They havent had anywhere near this much sweetness, not also close, In previous patch.

[4]. Game is not any Fun
1) And how do it have? This Game offer you only fun in PvP that i addore, PvE is made for pricks n noobs it needs no skills whatsoever(my partner and i dont rly look after this coz i am here for PvP but some players actually carry out, Il leave rants that to them). PvP will be fun but simply arenas are equilized. And you can find only 1 / 1 and Draw arenas. And those also require HM expertise unlocked Wich demand BNS Gold/gear to have it(can be had by Beans Yet way way much too expensive.. )#). We have now Battlegrounds but people require PvE gear(p2w/3months regarding brainwashing).
2) Getting ready is so stupid, When i end my dailys (They might need over 6-8hrs of accomplishing same boring skilless brainless stuff to have done)i think that my IQ provides droped significantly, this is the reason i call that brainwashing.
-Games Is there for fun, to make modern day man relax after via job/classes and make hem just forget about problems for a while being. However this game will there be only to brainwash you more Bore you to death. or perhaps give u cancer malignancy from frustrations. (The reason why im here ranting or seeking some attention about these problems is coz i enjoy pvp system in combat system. The unique)

[5]. Its Range Fineness over Melee (And several disbalances)
Il finish using this problem since i am sleepy and cant remember whatever else that is rly crucial.
1) Ok so every one of these new dungeons Require Melee to accomplish the “Stuff” although range can merely sitback n unsolicited mail their rotations. You can find bosses flying and active the map constantly and we melees must catch them, our procs are expireing from the time we arrive at them. WE experience circles n iFrames while they’ve got no such issues. On top of most that they deal a lot more Dps in totally free dps state next we do. My partner and i knowe this coz my partner and i play multy lessons.
2) my partner and i dont have time and energy to get arguments in some recoverable format however il merely mention That Warlock has to get nerfed inside PvP. its op Af, It stumbled on us in nerfed state in order to be even a lot more buffed and op, then it absolutely was on korea, inside later patch.

Thats it from me for the present time. Id like you guys to cover if i did not remember smthing, and update set of Urgent problems, Nonetheless please keep that clean, constructive and present arguments over salt. For me prob [4]. Is worst plus it triggers all 3 stated earlier itself.

Its not my own motherlanguage and 4 never had that in class therefore i learned it by means of movies and game titles. I think it must be understandable and my partner and i took time writing it therefore i dont think it must be made fun regarding. especualy in 21st centuary. And yes i forgot to cover so much reasons n describe (several)better. For example my partner and i didnt made entertaining of PvE ppl my partner and i said real PvE player should reveal problems in in which section, this person understood me properly

2nd i didnt produced fun of Rdps. u use a job in simply few dungeons for instance nexus. Ofc u will have jobs but some other then few endgame 4man content its not worth mentioning. As fm you have problem working with agro which will be triggered by u doing far more dps then melees and also having free dps total time- Ofc you have 1 eyeframe about sspterors/boss while melees have bunch of them.. And try iframing all of those with huge fps drops tht are usually ncs fault regarding poor servers or perhaps coding (Ctrl + farreneheit doesnt reduce fps we have 30 to some fps drop together with or without ctrl+f, we have same fps in drop on utmost and lowest visual possible?? Explain in which pls)

3rdI was tired once i was making topic as i am now. And didnt desire to go in degree about warlocks. 1st reason i mentioned which is coz pro lbd provides 0% of wining compared to skilled Wl, i dont knowe for certain about other lessons though but 4 seen enough regarding high tags, and definitely it destroyed each class with hes ridiculous dps, mobility, cc, survival. BUt main reason i mentioned wls getting op is PLANET pvp. In arenas we’ve equilised gear and also SKILLS, in planet we dont have got eq skills. As an example summoners cat has around 90 k H . p .. It doesnt perish when summoner can. If its an in depth fight and you win hel merely finish u away from with cat and also ressurect hemself. + U can’t interupt cat although its ressurecting (after all wtf) it is a huge problem inside battlegounds when im working with multiple enemys and also im deffending on your own. I kill summoner, instantly next a couple of enemys appear from the time i wash them summoner will be alive and stopping.. about wl inside World. It provides slightly buffed dmg next in arenas, wich isnt difficulty untill Evades Dodges receive play… My only means of defeating them will be perfectly comboing together with my stuns who have 20-30 sec compact disk, And if my own stun is dodged, properly im *cricket*ed. i think it must be enough arguments about wl for the present time.

I made this nick back when the game was relesed and so they showed same hpye as ESO would on relese. Becaouse with this i left this game a couple of months ago hoping which it will fix coz my partner and i rly like Battle system n basic pvp. (im pve loveraswell yet only in games which can be worth calling pve game titles. such as outdated WoW). Yes they fixed a lot of problems like massive ping in domains n normal inside open world. However you can find huge problems inside nowdays game, i stated many of them. Idk whats engaging about those for your requirements. As someone who cares because of this game i can’t stand them. As customers n players we have to give our feedback to acquire better polished video game wich can actualy offer fun. Current game is focused on brainwashing urself carrying out dailys for 8 hours per day and if you have alts you can cap merely 1 more and also there goes the particular 16 hours regarding BnS. I probably wouldnt produced this post and also wouldnt care easily could have merely played equilized Battleground coz as i stated im the following for pvp. On pve my partner and i dont even knowe the place to start ranting or qqing. Now dozens of problems are minted uppon me coz i actualy must gearup in this kind of patch. In previous i was stone with inferno wep 0 jewels and didnt attention, But i ranted about Lags n spikes in arena coz it absolutely was struck uppon my own sphere of gaming because it is now.

We have a Fm and also i knowe what im discussing. Those mechanics arent also worth mentioning, Idk concerning this new generation regarding gamers and just what do u contact hard.. but having some button rotation and also slaming keyboard although doing some simple mechanics can be a joke, Im not necessarily saying Mdps career is any more difficult. Im saying the anoying boring and also frustrating, Try playing mdps and also ul see what im discussing. Iframing 10 chained spells together with 5-10 fps(as i mentioned above -Not pc`s wrong doing)or chasing boss across the room like some sort of hippy idiot chasing butterflys using a proc(Net) wanting to land it. Without gear inside ssp u usually takes iframe dmg together with rdps every 20 sec and keep dpsing. Positive but mdps have got 10 more meantime and taking merely 1extra causes wash and PP reset to zero. As i mentioned above never ment to be able to insult any1, My partner and i said current pve will be beyond ez, Bots are carrying it out nuff said, What we utilized to call PvE will be having 20 expertise that dont rly have got rotation Having DPS meter being a badge/proof/card to find yourself in raids n acquire shit done, emphasizing the bar together with 20spells making quickly decisions so you can pull utmost dps And working with real mechanics in the mean time. And in this kind of game gear doesnt acquire skills n endeavours do, As any matter of reality gear ment practically nothing while here the everything.
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