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The reason why Boss Monsters possess time limits?

Crafting Guild Crafting time twenty four hours? Seriously? Reduce time pls. I have it, it is Brand new Crafting System but twenty four hours? it is not like i’ll be online when it’s done
i need to wait 2 days simply to get one product craft finish? This really is Too much Contemplate it Please.
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2. Dungeons as well as Time Limits?
The reason why Boss Monsters possess time limits? need to defeat it quick? What is the idea in it? cause of which ppl are battling for AP and for those who have low AP do not Even do Sogun Larment or even Sundered Nexus, me and my pal like Duo Dungeons All of us Like Challanges for instance Remove all Spirit Shields and Battle it with reduced Gear or Battle Naked, 4man dungeons demands AP. Game End Employer Solo Require AP Not really Skills So Sad relating to this game at the conclusion it is about gears.

3. twenty-four Man Dungeon
Needs large amount of Improvment, Need Funnel Select Available. And have to know where other gamers are, and the number of player inside this particular dungeon, at as soon as the stats of the so called 24Man Dungeon is simply another field chart with 24 participant limited

4. Misc Product Drops
Usual items Drops if you would like Soul Shield in Dungeon individuals with blade and spirit gold bid as well as takes it, butin the finish you get box and also you get one soul shield from this but misc items or nothing like that. I desired to farm Moontear but each time i do dungeon gamers bid almost same price since the Market they bid for just two bns gold. Why must i spend time upon Farming and spend some money for it? what’s the use inside it? What is this is of Farming? basically solo it takes too much time or at employer fight always perishing and Bright rock playing as sin and also the boss Resets.

5. Dailys, You may already know there are such as 1000 dailys whatsoever over them map but when you’re at higher lvl. Nobody does that, for instance cause of which low lvl gamers suffers cause these people cant do Green Dungeons given that they got Removed Through Cross Dungeon, if Green Dungeon obtainable in Cross Dungeon once again Players can atleast do this Dailys You don’t need to Travel all within the Map.

6. Open up World PVP Assistance, Items or NPC Summon
The thing is when you battle a sin from open world these people just come as well as hit then get away, you search on their behalf they do which again, also ranged course they stand within the top mountain or even above structure as well as hit us, unfortunatly cant perform anything as Sin or even KFM just looking to get above you cannot wall walk. You cant move fast reason for combat stance, well what might be done? We Require Support items instance -> Guns, Stun Bombs, if getting ganged phone some npc to assist with the fight and allow it to be craftable by additional items not reputation points having issue with pvp trigger cant prestige points so allow it to be craftable by another ways should you understand the reason.

Also This Spirit Stone And Moonstone Harvesting Forced to Plantation it in SSP All day long Hearing one NPC Obtain Pissed at An additional
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