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Are we said to be ok with this particular?

Is actually nexon intentionally keeping the amount cap gated as well as increasing it just 10 per almost every other patch so all of us spend money/time upon cash shop events/items which are introduced with the actual patch and +20ing degree 25/35/45 stuff truly? (spend elluns)
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I’ve played the overall game on KR(and about the private server) so when playing it right here I’m like WTH tend to be we seriously Tempering degree 25 gear?: To. I’m sure this really is as much of the joke to other players who’ve played the full game since it is to me personally.
No one might bother tempering degree 25 stuff (or even 35 or forty) on additional servers. Why when you are able just level a little more and be more powerful than +25 tempered degree 25 gear -_-. I am talking about the OP Karasha set isn’t not even close to those levels that we get free of charge from the mainquest. IMO; The only real worth tempering reaches the very end using the Legendary Ellora arranged. It will be worth it even though more levels tend to be added whereas brave 25/35/45 dungeon gear will be outclassed easily along with new patches/levels. Are we likely to spend time harvesting 25/35/45 gear for some time and then ellun giving it; alongwith spending some in some places on cash shop items/events because they arrive and after that discarding our equipment away every couple weeks? I can understand why Nexon chose to complete it like this because they obviously make much more profit here compared to giving us the entire game but isn’t this likely to get frustrating before long?

Are we said to be ok with this particular? OK with expecting the most recent ingame map to become spawn camped before next big area. Ok with throwing away time/effort and profit maxing our (useless within the whole game’s plan) gear and then discard it quickly? Is this likely to be the focus of the EU/NA machines?

Another issue this really is creating is spawn hiking:

Everyone is spawn camping the present latest map as well as everyone will spawn camping Parna’s Coast. You farm with regard to recipes and represents but now you need to fight spawn hiking guilds too? (As well as obviously botters as well as griefers)

It doesn’t happen on additional servers because most people are spread out and all of the cool familiars have been in level 40+ areas(See on your own) you would not find people hiking Agnas or Garme that are meh compared in order to other heroics/legendaries but this is the only content we now have currently and I can not blame the gamers. Even I ‘m kinda forced in to taming them after i have never in any way wanted them upon other servers.

Any kind of thoughts?

PS: Attached My preferred Heroic ingame to get guildies on a regular dungeons farm. I’d roleplay picking all of them up and taxing these phones the dungeons. Max 6 individuals can ride about this. Miss him right here.
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That was the max level that was given to me

I expect not to pay money for a game I don’t know much about. There is no cash shop info and some questions are only just being answered. It is my money and I can choose what to do with it, I wasted hours of my life I’ll never get back working for it, ya know?
Community is not a Cash Shop, so not sure how that relates. I’m not going to play a game that nickel and dimes me when I can play any AAA MMORPG with a set  subscription and no price gouging.

Yes, I had the most fun in CBT2. Met these 2 girls and we tried to 3 man the raid since server was dead. Then we flew around trying to tame the red dragon, but couldn’t due to bugs. Was still fun!
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I played to 25. That was the max level that was given to me. That was the impression that was given to me. I was disappointed and bored. The purpose of the beta was to test content and provide feedback, not google Korean gameplay videos.I think the classes as a whole are generic and unimaginative. They are the basic classes done in every typical MMO, none of them wowed me. Ranger was pretty cool and Shiring is unique, but the jailbait aspect ruined it completely for me. Neither is in the game. This is NA/EU version, not Korean version and the mods warned stuff from there could likely never make it over into this. I had no problems soloing on my Priest and I rolled it because I only play healers in games. I prefer grouping in MMOs, but these days many cater to a casual soloer. For example I love Elder Scrolls Online, but the majority of the game is soloing, so it will never be a home for me. I just want a group focused MMO, let me heal you!
I turned off and down sound sliders but it disables ALL sound effects. Is there a reason you think I should not have an option to turn off the horrible  voices when it has no impact on you keeping them on?
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