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All that we knew was that Black Desert Silver

And as long as they look just past their borders to ensure those areas connect with those in the next jurisdiction over. Discussions and debates on the many possible candidacies on who’d be the best possible publisher for the west arose early on all over our forum and a lot of users contributed by sharing their own experiences and points of view, all in an attempt to ensure, that the Black Desert Silver game, which they are so passionate about, would have its longevity and success guaranteed. With Black Desert confirmed in North America and Europe for a few months now and Korean publisher DAUM also handling the game over there, we were sitting tight, waiting for news on the western version.4All that we knew was that DAUM was planning to open an office in North America and Europe to handle these versions. Apparently things are finally moving along, as DAUM has just opened a new office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe. That is all the info known so far, but this should be enough to get the ball rolling and push the Black Desert Online localization a bit further. As the release of Kunoichi in Black Desert Online in early August, players now have a strong desire to see the male Ninja in this hot MMORPG. Lately, Black Desert Online revealed a concept design officially, from the costume and the weapon, this character probably is the male Ninja.

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Ocean faring content will be Black Desert Online

Black Desert enjoys great popularity for its game content as well as fascinating frequent updates. Recently, a Black Desert press conference was held by Daum and Pearl Abyss announcing future game content, uncovering the order of the characters to receive awakening weapons, a new playable character, PvE content, horses and more.

Ocean faring content will be introduced and continuously updated. The ocean area will be as huge as the desert of Valencia (which still has not been implemented in the western version). The players taking part in the Ocean content will not be able to make use of the map, which forces players to Black Desert Online use other means of orientation to navigate the seas.
black_desert_online-4-1152x648On the other side of the ocean there will be an uncharted continent, even though nothing specific has been shared about it, we do know it will be huge. It will initially be possible only to land and use this new continent as a base for trade. Fishing hot spots in the ocean will be identifiable thanks to seagulls flying in the air. Undersea exploration and treasure hunting will be implemented in coastal areas.

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You may be engaged in Black Desert Powerleveling

Guilds can earn quite a bit of money and other resources through territory ownership.A subsidy is granted for nodes and regions under guild control, as well as a cut of the trade going through a region’s auction house.This can all add up to quite a bit of money.Territory ownership plays a huge part of the endgame experience in Black Desert, and we will be devoting a guide to it in the near future.Guilds can also rent guild halls. These are found in city capitals.These are houses that require Silver rather than Contribution Points, with only a limited number being available.Only a Guild Master can bid on them, and the money comes from the Black Desert Powerleveling  guild’s funds. A guild house can be used for a variety of purposes, including the ability to raise and train War Elephants!3The Guild Master of a guild may declare war on on another guild by spending 150,000 Silver. You may be engaged in eight separate wars at the same time. Once the war starts you will suffer no penalties for killing a member of the opposing guild. A Guild Master can declare up to 10 members as non-combatants, which can be increased to 20 by spending skill points. This status cannot be revoked until at least 24 hours have past. Neither a Guild Master, or his officers can be become non-combatants.

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