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I have published the Black Desert Silver

I have published the news about the bugs in Black Desert.So it is easy to find that there are many parts or systems need to been developed, such as the disappear of the specific NPC, or gamers cannot store the items which comes from fishing.If you want to know more about black desert or buy the black desert gold or items, please bookmark our homepage and keep focusing on it.Recently, the MMO game Black Desert that has developed by PearlAbyss and released Daum Communication by in Korean and rush into the top5 in a short time. And according to Black Desert Silver the official news that some players use the bugs of the game to earn black desert gold and experience in a short time, and the official operator of Black Desert has give the punishment to the 186 players.


There are 3 bugs exist in Black Desert after the game launched.And 121 of the 186 gamers have been punished to close the registered number.One of the three bugs is one monster that does not have the ability of resistance, the gamers can upgrade from level1 to level 40 only on several hours by continue to beat it.The second bug is that gamers can get a large amount of experience after hunt one specific monster and met this monster again in a very short time.The last bug is that gamers can get large amount of experience when unlock one specific case and they can unlock it many times if they continue the actions several times.Some of the gamers find these bugs and share the news on the web then been exposed and then most of players required to take this problem seriously.

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Everything to some Black Desert Powerleveling

In Black Desert, the amount of houses and land for renting is limited that only several thousand places are available for gamers. But the number of players on one server is almost bigger than any the number of available house and land. That is to say, not all the players will have their own home. But how the game disperses the ownership for the gamers? Everything to some extent could be simple houses and places for living are sold through special auction.Every player can bid in order to Black Desert Powerleveling be able to rent a house when there is a free house available. And the one with the highest bid gets the rights to rent this house.


Also the Guild can participate in the auction.If a guild wins the auction then it can own the house and use it as guild-hall.The rent will be paid from the guild funds.Tips: that one gamer still can own several houses.But Pearl Abyss mentioned that it’s impossible to buy most of the property in the game with only one character.There will not be monopolists and players players can not to manipulate prices.Any details about further how they are going to do this are unknown.

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