This is why many players purchase Black Desert Powerleveling

At first, it is useful to know that there are many choices of mounts in Black Desert. For example, there are elephant, horse and donkey and so on. Elephant or horse can help players travel over the huge map. So making these animal mounts helpful is very important. How do players make Mounts helpful for themselves?First, try to choose a mount for the soul; it will become your faithful friend and helper.Second, players should treat these animals well and feed them. Third, let them learn useful skills. If players do all above things, their mounts will be very helpful for players.For instance, the faithful horse can be a great help in the battle with the enemy, they will help you to Black Desert Powerleveling  escape from the battle honor.This is why many players purchase a mount,Besides, to purchase a mount can not only ease their existence in the game, but it also brings a lot of nice bonuses for them.4In Black Desert, NPC Intimate System is the value-added service for the players, they need to talk with the NPC, and complete the specific requirements to improve the intimacy with NPC. Players can open the mystic shop and receive a special task if the intimacy improved, and they can also employ their intimate NPC to farming together.In addition, improve intimacy with the NPC will get extra BUFF, such as make blood back automatic within 300s.

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