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With Strongholds on the Neverwinter gold

With Strongholds on the horizon, it’s high time for a glimpse of the armor that awaits adventurers who bring glory to their guild. Whether you’re just now reaching level 70, or you’re geared to the teeth from dungeons and domination, there’s gear for you in Strongholds.For those players just reaching level 70, or those that haven’t had a chance to earn equipment from dungeons or domination, guild armor is for you. Item level 125, available in both a PvE and PvP variant, guild armor features a classic high fantasy, D&D style. You and your guildmates will be decked to Neverwinter gold the nines and ready to rock endgame PvP or PvE.

Guild armor requires a stronghold marketplace of rank 2 to purchase, and costs guild marks. You’ll be earning guild marks any time you contribute to your guild’s coffer, which you’ll be doing as you participate in Stronghold content. For more information on the guild coffer, see the previous blog post: Feeding the Beast.For those looking to dominate other guilds in the new guild vs. guild PvP mode launching with the upcoming Stronghold Siege (a PvP game mode to be described in a future blog), a new set of prestigious PvP armor—Lionsmane will be available. This new top-of-the-line PvP armor is item level 140 and may be upgraded via elemental infusion to item level 142.


To earn Lionsmane armor you must gather seals of triumph, guild marks, and a new item with the release of Stronghold Siege: fallen banners. Fallen banners are earned through Stronghold Siege, with a greater number being granted the greater the victory, or the closer the loss. Even when the battle seems hopeless, or you’re sure you’ve won, pushing a little bit further will see your team rewarded for its efforts.brty65ghw

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When the trolls aren’t attempting to buy Neverwinter gold

The sun is out and so is the celebration of Sune! Returning to Neverwinter is the Summer Festival complete with all your favorite flowers, chickens, water balloons and trolls. This year, there’s a brand new fashion, which embodies the fresh ingredients of any summer harvest, and a new mount, which is sure to  buy Neverwinter gold  cool you down during the hottest time of year.Adventurers can herd animals back to their homes or pick corn from the large fields behind the farmstead. Watch out for the golden chicken, for it could be your ticket to victory!Tired of farm duties? Trolls occasionally raid the southwest portion of the festival area. When they arrive, players of all levels can take them on, slaying them to receive contest points.


When the trolls aren’t attempting to ruin the festivities, the same area is home to the Water Battle arena! Summer wouldn’t be complete without your fellow adventurers drenching each other in water. The more you splash other players, the more points you’ll receive!Find Fireblossom Flowers from bushes on the festival grounds or reclaim them from mischievous kobolds you defeat. Trade them into the Florist for rewards.Like surfing on land, the Water Horse will envelop you in water as it gallops across the field. You can either cool yourself off or perhaps do your laundry while trotting across the summer festival.brty65ghw

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By working together and Neverwinter Items

As the guild advances, the quantities of resources required to upgrade structures increases too.The coffers can hold a limited quantity of each and the guild hall needs to be upgraded to increase that capacity.The guild leaders will need to alternate between new structures and upgrading the guild hall to keep the stronghold progressing efficiently, while the guild members will need to direct their play towards the areas that grant the resources the guild needs next.By working together and donating to the guild, members gain access to unique new gear and boons, and the guild’s stronghold grows bigger and stronger.We’re all very excited to  Neverwinter Items  see how players interact with the coffer and Stronghold.Keep an eye out for more news on Strongholds and for details on when it will be hitting our Preview server!


When the guild first arrives to the Stronghold, the area is infested with the Many-Arrow Orc tribe, claiming that this and all the surrounding lands are theirs to pillage.The guild will have to fend off the orcs in the various Heroic Encounters that are on the map, such as recovering stolen supplies, aiding Stronghold guards in repelling orc attacks, and rescuing townsfolk from orc camps.However, your adversaries don’t end there. The story of your guild progresses as the guild ranks up, and eventually your guild will be able to repel the majority of the Many-Arrow Orcs. Some will still appear every now and then in Heroic Encounters, but the majority of the Many-Arrow Orc army will be defeated… only for a new enemy to take their place.brty65ghw

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There can be an unlimited Neverwinter powerleveling

Players can collect Professional fireworks by defeating creatures, within 7 levels, while the event is live. There can be an unlimited number of fireworks collected, provided you have the inventory space for it.Players can also collect firework crates scattered throughout Protector’s Enclave, but only if they have less than 5 fireworks in their inventory. This will be a great way to Neverwinter powerleveling collect fireworks during the zone contest.Players can turn in Lliira’s Favor, the event currency, for many rewards.Starry Panther – Like taking a piece of the night sky with you, this Starry Panther will remind you of the celebration you helped plan and run. Some might say you can see different constellations on its fur.


Dye your armor with the signature colors of the goddess.It’s a great way to honor Lliira and also get a flashy new look.This star-shaped mask is the traditional headwear during the festivities.Feel like I star by wearing it!Honor the Lady of Joy and celebrate Neverwinter’s continued freedom by setting off these fireworks into the night sky. Comes in small and large varieties. This year, you can purchase or earn personally-usable fireworks that buff other players near them to also increase their fireworks gained per drop.brty65ghw.

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In our previous announcement of buy Neverwinter gold

In our previous announcement of WeLoveFine’s t-shirt design contest, we asked artists far and wide to submit designs to be entered into this creative contest. Now that submissions are closed, it’s time to rate them! There are a grand total of 64 designs, which are in need of some judgment and it’s up to you to  buy Neverwinter gold  decide which t-shirt comes out on top and wins the $500 USD cash prize.You can rate as many of the designs as you choose or as few of them as you choose. Ratings are open for one month, so get those verdict hammers ready, for your eyes are about to glance upon some of the most creative designs you’ve ever seen. After all, this is D&D, where an adventure can come straight from the mind of a dungeon master.


With Neverwinter: Strongholds on the horizon, we’re not only focusing on guilds, but the strength that can come from a community uniting under one cause. In Strongholds, your entire guild will work together to build a place you can call home and reap the benefits of teamwork. In that light and in preparation of Strongholds, we’d like to shine a spotlight on the current guilds in Neverwinter by holding a bi-weekly Guild Spotlight!This is your chance to have your guild bask in early fame and glory by being the very first to be featured on our official pages.We’ll feature your guild in all our channels including a blog, social channels and on Twitch so you can easily direct people to them when anyone dares look down on your guild.brty65ghw.

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